Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Progress So Far

  • So far I have three of the pages done for my scrapbook and I have ordered more prints to add to the rest of my pages. 
  • In the two weeks I need to scan my scrapbook and edit the video I will be making.
  • My work will benefit me by allowing me to work with the technology in a way that I will enjoy it, it will help others by giving them an idea of making a scrapbook online.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Plan: Video Scrapbook

1. My goals are to first, finish my traditional scrapbook and apply the 2.0 by scanning it and then adding effects to it in a timeline; second, I am working on making a video scrapbook out of my home videos including important stages of my life.

2.In order to make my second goal happen I need to find a way to convert my cassettes into DVD's and then I will be able to save it on my computer and commence the cutting and editing.

3.So far I have begun my traditional scrapbook and gathered/labeled all my cassettes in their time frame. I have gotten all my pictures and sections for my scrapbook as well. This week I am going to do all the conversions of the cassettes and get 1/3 of my scrapbook finished so I am sure that everything is done on time.

4.I will present my final product by posting it on my blog as an entertainment feature and add a little to the appealing manner of the blogs.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Plan

What I plan to do to prepare myself for the AP test:
  1. Use the AP practice tests for the multiple choice section
  2. Continue reviewing the Literary Terms
  3. Do one of the essays and let my partners grade them to see what I could improve
  4. Use the commentary to make the revisions needed and put it into practice

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Macbeth Lecture Notes

Macbeth Lecture Notes

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recited Twice to: Marisol Duarte and Alexander Rea Contreras

Monday, April 16, 2012

Macbeth notes

Macbeth: Act 1 Macbeth proves himself a hero at Scot's battle. The king then decides to give Macbeth a promotion. The prophecy: The witches come across Macbeth and tell him that the king has given him a promotion (thane) and that he will later become king. They tell his friend Banquo that he will not amount to much but that his children will. Banquo seems doubtful of the witches. Macbeth ponders about it.  King Duncan=father of Malcom Duncan shares with everyone that his son Malcom will be the heir to the throne. Macbeth wonders about this because the witches said he would be king.  Ominous weather = tragedy or disaster ahead.  Since he heard of the prophecy he yearns to become king....it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy Lady Macbeth is ambitious and wants to have Macbeth seize the thrown my any means necessary.  The king will join Macbeth and his wife for dinner. Lady Macbeth says they should kill the king then.  Macbeth: thinks things over and "chickens out" and decides not to kill Duncan. His wife is angered and disappointed. She convinces Macbeth to kill the king She is somewhat Macbeth's driving force....makes him appear somewhat weak. She is kind of like his "back bone" Macbeth: Act 2 Macbeth is feeling paranoid and guilty over killing Duncan....this is unusual. One of the only Shakespeare characters to feel this way. Macbeth finally kills the king but does not fully carry out their plan. He was frightened as he killed the king.  Lady Macbeth is again frustrated with Macbeths' cowardice and finishes off the plan herself (puts the daggers in chamberlains room so it seems like they killed the king). Macduff and Lennox come to visit the king and discover him dead. Macbeth claims he killed the chamberlains because they killed the king.  Malcom feels he is not safe since his father was murdered.  Foreshadowing: weather, animals behaving strangely. Macbeth is now to be crowned king. Malcom is suspect because he has fled.  Macbeth: Act 3 Macbeth still feels extremely guilty. His wife as well Macbeth fears Banquo because he knows of the prophecy....he has hired some men to kill him.  The murderers kill Banquo but fail to kill his son Fleance. Fleance is now another threat to Macbeth...he is a potential heir to the throne. The prophecy said that Banquo's children would be king or something of that extent. During a dinner with their court, Banquo's ghost appears to Macbeth and Macbeth  talks to him and makes himself look crazy. Hecta the goddess of mischief and witchcraft tells the witches to keep Macbeth in confusion. Malcom has now sought help from King Edward.  Macbeth: Act 4 Macbeth goes to see the witches and they tell him that Macduff is a threat. Macbeth sends murderers to kill him and his family. Macduff and Malcom become allies and together want to overthrow Macbeth. Macduff now swears to take revenge on Macbeth since he has murdered his family.  Macbeth: Act 5 The English and Scottish army will now fight against each other. The English army is led by Malcom. Lady Macbeth kills herself from guilt.  Malcom's army are carrying pieces of tree to disguise the size of the army. Malcom sees this and remembers that this type of wood will mean his death. Macduff shows up with Macbeths head. Malcom is crowned king.